Beating the Winter Food Doldrums Usually at this time of year I go into a cooking rut. The skies are gloomy and stay gray all day long. My creativity and motivation goes downhill fast. I long for summer months, blue skies, and my annual trip to the beach. That is until this year. Thanks to the abundance of food blogs and websites and great thinkers running them, I am exposed to new food ideas everyday. Lately for shabbos I have been trying one or two recipes that I find on the sites each week. And while the new food I’m cooking isn’t new to most of you, it’s new to me, and in my case that’s all that counts. So instead of a new recipe, I leave you with my ideas for fighting the winter food doldrums. I hope that by Purim, my ambition to cook perks up with the warming winter and blueing skies. 1. Cook comfort food. In our family that includes rice and beans, cranberry chicken, and salmon stew. 2. Repeat the same meal many times over the month if need be. I think this week will be the 3rd time I’m making cranberry chicken for shabbos in the last two months. 3. Change up meat, pareve, and dairy so you don’t feel like you’re eating the same meal every night. 4. Buy one or two prepared items for each shabbos if available to you. 5. Do look at all the food blogs, sites, and groups available and don’t be afraid to try out others ideas. They could become your family’s new go to dish.


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