What to do with Leftover Cholent How many of you do not prepare cholent because you have no idea what to do with leftovers? Or because no one in your family eats it and no matter how little you make it always goes to waste? I thought so. I must admit I’m not a cholent fan. My family enjoys it, but I find myself only making if we have a lot of guests because I don’t like it leftover either. That is until last night when cholent became beef, bean, and rice burritos. Here’s all you need to turn extra cholent into Mexican night. Enjoy! Assemble all ingredients in tortilla. Burritos are a meal in itself so I suggest serving with cut up cucumber and carrots. -leftover cholent sauteed with onion and pepper strips in a skillet – 1-2 cups cooked rice – 1-2 packages corn or flour tortillas – toppings: shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, guacamole


Bringing Summer to Me A few weeks ago I wrote about having winter doldrums. They ended up lasting longer than expected and I was sick too. Finally I seem to be turning the corner but I still long for sunshine and summer in general. A friend suggested bringing the summer to me so thats just what I am going to do. As a side dish this Shabbos I’m preparing garlic green beans. Will they bring me out of the doldrums, that remains to be seen. But at least there will be a little piece of the Mediterranean on my table. Garlic Green Beans 1 lb green beans 1 onion chopped 1/4 c green olives 1/4 c cherry or grape tomatoes 3 cloves garlic minced 1/4 c dry white wine juice of 1/2 a lime salt to your taste Saute vegetables in olive oil. Add wine and lime juice. Cook about 10 minutes or until onions translucent. Enjoy!